#Russian ambassador’s comments on WWII sparks outrage from #Poland 

The Russian ambassador sparked outage on Friday for putting some of the blame for the start of World War II on Poland, creating a new spat and deepening the rift between the Slavic nations. Russian Ambassador Sergey Andreev described the … Continue reading #Russian ambassador’s comments on WWII sparks outrage from #Poland 

“F-22s in Poland “- Stripes #WarDrums

KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany — Just three days after touching down in Germany, two of the F-22 fighter planes on their inaugural deployment to Europe have jetted east to conduct training with the Polish air force.The Raptors arrived at Lask Air Base in central Poland on Monday, a spokesman with U.S. Air Forces in Europe–Air Forces Africa confirmed. The Associated Press reported the jets were to carry out combat air exercises for a day with their Polish counterparts. Source: 2 F-22s make short visit to Poland – News – Stripes Continue reading “F-22s in Poland “- Stripes #WarDrums