#Breaking #Russian Missiles Fall Short, They Hit #Iran

Four Russian cruise missiles aimed at targets in Syria instead crashed in Iran, a US official said Thursday, declining to comment on whether there were any casualties.The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the missiles landed in Iran on Wednesday, but did not provide details about where they might have landed. The official was confirming a story first reported by CNN. Russia conducted its first airstrikes in Syria last week, and on Wednesday Moscow ramped up its war by unleashing cruise missiles from the Caspian Sea. Source: Russian Missiles Fall Short of Syria, Hit Iran – Global Agenda – News – Arutz Sheva Continue reading #Breaking #Russian Missiles Fall Short, They Hit #Iran

#UN Speakers call for end to #Syria #barrelbombs

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Deadly barrel bombs dropped by Syrian army helicopters on opposition-held neighborhoods of Syria are the main driver behind the refugee crisis that has overwhelmed neighboring countries and now Europe, speakers at a panel held at the United Nations said Monday. Kenneth Roth, the executive director of Human Rights Watch, urged the international community to put an end to President Bashar Assad’s indiscriminate use of the bombs, saying the tactic also undermines the war against the Islamic State group. Source: News from The Associated Press Continue reading #UN Speakers call for end to #Syria #barrelbombs

 #Yazidis Urge #ICC to open probe into #ISIS atrocities 

THE HAGUE (AFP) – Iraq’s Yazidi minority — the target of brutal attacks from the  — urged the International Criminal Court Thursday to launch probes into the militants for genocide and sexual slavery.Two Yazidi groups handed over documents to the court which show “that ISIS has systematically committed atrocities amounting to genocide and that these crimes fall within the jurisdiction of the ICC,” said Murad Ismael from the Yazda group.Chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda earlier this year said IS has committed crimes of “unspeakable cruelty” including mass executions, rape and torture.But she said she could not investigate as neither Iraq nor Syria are … Continue reading  #Yazidis Urge #ICC to open probe into #ISIS atrocities 

 Putin opens Moscow mosque with Turkish, Palestinian leaders One of Europe’s largest!

  Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Wednesday opened one of the biggest mosques in Europe, warning against the lure of jihadists as the government frets over its citizens fighting for the Islamic State group. Turkish leader Recep Tayyip … Continue reading  Putin opens Moscow mosque with Turkish, Palestinian leaders One of Europe’s largest!