North Korea ‘still on standby’ for nuke test: 38 North


SEOUL, July 9 (Yonhap) — North Korea appears to maintain its readiness to conduct another nuclear test at any time, but no new activity has been spotted at its Punggye-ri site to suggest a test is imminent, U.S. researchers monitoring the secretive nation said Sunday.Citing the satellite imagery from June 28 and July 5, they said, on the 38 North website, “No significant new activity can be observed.”   They added their previous assessment that “Additional nuclear tests could occur at any time, once the North Korean leadership makes the decision to do so” still holds true.Simultaneously, they added, there seems to have been an “overall clean-up” of the facility, located in a mountainous region of a northeastern province, giving the impression of an unusually well-maintained site at a high state of readiness to host another underground nuclear test on short notice.

Source: N. Korea ‘still on standby’ for nuke test: 38 North