Playing With Fire: Nuclear Weapons Incidents and Accidents in the United Kingdom 

NIS have released a report discussing the accident record of the UK’s nuclear weapons programme over its 65 year history, looking across the full scope of the programme and describing the most significant incidents in detail.The report describes 110 accidents, near misses, and dangerous occurrences that have occurred over the 65 year history of the UK’s nuclear weapons programme, comprising of:14 serious accidents related to the production and manufacturing of nuclear weapons, including fires, fatal explosions, and floods.22 incidents that have taken place during the road transport of nuclear weapons, including vehicles overturning, road traffic accidents, and breakdowns.8 incidents which occurred during the storage and handling of nuclear weapons, including instances when nuclear weapons have been dropped.45 accidents that have happened to nuclear capable submarines, ships, and aircraft, including collisions, fires at sea, and lightning strikes. 24 of these accidents involved nuclear-armed submarines.21 security-related incidents, including cases of unauthorised access to secure areas and unauthorised release of sensitive information.In addition, there have been 17 incidents involving US visiting forces and nuclear weapons in the UK and its coastal waters.

Source: Playing With Fire: Nuclear Weapons Incidents and Accidents in the United Kingdom | Nuclear Information Service