Illinois mother(hero) dies saving her newborn baby’s life  

A young mother who died in a house fire on Monday is being hailed a hero for the quick-thinking move that authorities say saved her newborn daughter’s life.Shelby Carter strapped her 10-day-old baby, Keana, in a car seat and dropped her from a second-story window as flames engulfed the family’s home.Firefighters and paramedics from Wyoming, Illinois, found the baby safely on the ground below the window, Wyoming-Speer Fire Department captain Jake Plumer told CBS News.Crews worked to rescue Carter, who was trapped inside, but they couldn’t reach her in time. The 21-year-old mom put her child’s life before her own, Stark County Sheriff Steve Sloan told CBS affiliate WMBD.

Source: Illinois mother dies in house fire after saving newborn baby’s life – CBS News