#NYTimes Changes World Boundries, leaves Israel off Middle East map 

New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind blasted The New York Times for a map it published this past Sunday, manifestly leaving out Israel.The article appeared on page 7 in Sunday’s edition regarding the Iranian-Saudi conflict, and discussed how it affected the Middle East and its role in the power struggle between many of its countries. The article, entitled, “How the Iranian-Saudi Proxy Conflict Tore the Mideast Apart,” included a map of the Middle East that left out one country: Israel.Hikind said he was appalled at the omission. “I’m so disappointed and perplexed with The New York Times for leaving out the State of Israel on its map of the Middle East,” he said. “Did they forget that Israel is part of the Middle East, or was it left out intentionally?”

Source: Hikind blasts NY Times for leaving Israel off Middle East map – Middle East – News –