Sheriff David Clarke: “Snowflakes, it’s called an election, we won!”  

Donald Trump’s election was a tremendous repudiation of the America-loathing, servitude-loving, corruption-enabling, cop-hating culture that’s been growing steadily in America under the tutelage of leftist groups.In our democracy, the winner is still celebrated. But after witnessing the pathetic riots disguised as protests on our nation’s streets I’m wondering how long that could last. You probably saw a teacher or long lost relative share the Facebook meme that “the future voted” Tuesday, with a reference to the overwhelming percentage of 18- to 25-year-old Americans who voted for Clinton. I’m a pretty tough cop but a country run by these entitled, coddled, petulant snowflakes makes me cringe. We saw what happens to this everyone-gets-a-trophy generation when the real world, in the form of a Donald Trump victory, makes them confront reality.They absolutely crumble.The oh so sweet but scary irony of them requesting assurances from Trump that he would accept the victory are, of course, distinctly absent from our mainstream media’s pages.

Source: Sheriff David Clarke: Snowflakes, it’s called an election, we won | TheHill