#Wow Carter to Islamic State: Raqqa is next target “Just tell em we’re coming” 

PARIS — Initial operations to retake the Islamic State group’s capital in Raqqa, Syria, are underway and likely to overlap with the assault launched 10 days ago to drive the terror group out of Mosul, Iraq, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said Tuesday.“We’ve already begun laying the groundwork with our partners to commence the isolation of Raqqa,” said Carter, who was in Paris to meet with his French defense counterpart Jean-Yves Le Drian and 11 other coalition defense ministers.“The next step is Raqqa,” Le Drian said, declining to go into detail. The Pentagon has long hinted that the assault on the two de facto capitals of the Islamic State group would occur simultaneously, but in recent weeks most of its pronouncements have been focused on the Iraqi security forces’ readiness to retake Mosul.

Source: Carter to Islamic State: Raqqa is next target – Stripes