Child Murdered Under #Belgian Law Allowing #Euthanasia of Minors!  

The first child in Belgium has been euthanized since the passage of a law removing age restrictions on when doctors may end the lives of terminally-ill patients at their request.Sen. Jean-Jacques De Gucht, who wrote the law passed in 2014, confirmed the death of the child to reporters this week. While he did not provide many details, he said that the physician-assisted suicide took place last week after the youth requested euthanasia, and that the minor was from the Flemish region of Belgium.The name and age of the child are not known.De Gucht expressed thankfulness that the country’s option to die now applies to sick children.“It’s terrible when a youngster suffers, but it gives me some comfort to know that now there is a choice out there for children in the final terminal stages,” he told the Associated Press. “It’s important that society doesn’t neglect people in such pain.”Belgium legalized euthanasia in 2002, but a provision allowing for the inclusion of minors was removed following uproar. The law consequently set the age limit at 18.

Source: First Child Dies Under Belgian Law Allowing Euthanasia of Minors | Christian News Network