#NCAA Is ‘Being Used’ by #LGBT’s Sexual Revolution, Benham Brothers Say  

The Benham brothers say that the National Collegiate Athletic Association is being used by LGBT activists and champions of the sexual revolution to facilitate a moral revolution in America.After the NCAA announced on Monday that it pulled seven championship events scheduled for this year and next from North Carolina over its opposition to the state’s bathroom law that requires transgender individuals to use restrooms and changing areas designated for their birth sex, residents Jason and David Benham spoke with The Christian Post over the phone to give their response to that decision.The Benham brothers, popular Christian conservative real estate entrepreneurs who had their HGTV show cancelled because of their opposition to gay marriage, said the negative reaction the state has received to H.B. 2 from major national organizations and entertainers like the NCAA, NBA and Bruce Springsteen is all part of the far-left’s three-step process to overtake America with a “radical revolution.”

Source: NCAA Is ‘Being Used’ by LGBT’s Sexual Revolution, Benham Brothers Say (Interview)