#Hillary’s ‘alt-right’ smear will backfire 

here are two ways to become relevant as a conservative. The difficult path is to inspire enough Americans with the force of great ideas. The easier option is to incite the right enemies.Last Thursday, Hillary Clinton gave a small group of left-wing inspired cranks, trolls, and outcast bloggers the easier path towards the latter. In a speech in Reno, Clinton took aim at “an emerging racist ideology known as the ‘alt-right.’” According to Clinton, this “fringe element has effectively taken over the Republican Party.”This is news to me. Over the past year, I served as the Policy Coordinator to both the Huckabee and Trump presidential campaigns. Not once did I hear the term “alt-right” on either campaign.Yes, I suppose it’s possible, as Clinton claims, that my colleagues secretly “traffic in dark conspiracy theories drawn from … the far, dark reaches of the internet.” But, at least as far as I can tell, the inspiration behind our campaigns’ policy work comes from more familiar sources — think-tanks like the Heritage Foundation, policy staffs in Congress, and center-right publications where conservative wonks tend to publish.

Source: Hillary’s ‘alt-right’ smear will backfire | TheHill