“Turkey’s new sultan:” by Glenn Reynolds

The German term is gleichschaltung. It means “re-ordering.” After the Nazi Party secured its grip on power, it initiated a process whereby all organizations — universities, law enforcement, private clubs, whatever — were stripped of independence and brought into line with National Socialist principles or suppressed entirely.Now it seems as if the same thing is happening in Turkey. After the suppression of a coup attempt that, in retrospect, seems to have been rather contrived, Turkish ruler Recip Erdogan is going after an extensive list of people he has deemed undesirable.The modern Turkish state was founded by Kemal Ataturk in 1924, replacing the Ottoman Empire, which served as the Islamic Caliphate, the central political institution of the faith, with a secular modern republic. Many Muslims regret that (I remember listening to an Islamic hip-hop group 2000 on MP3.com, with a song titled 1924 on just that topic, which calls Kemal Ataturk the “worst enemy of Islam”). It would seem that Erdogan is among them.

Source: Turkey’s new sultan: Glenn Reynolds