Prayer request for my best friend

I received some very bad news from my best friend today. Steve Pierson a man who love God, a man who loves people, a man who is loved by me and so many others. His cancer has returned, after a 5 year remission. This time it is in his lungs, liver, pelvis, bladder, and what is left of his intestines.
Steve has beaten cancer twice before, he is tough he is strong, he is, with God’s help the hardest fighter I have know since my earthly father. He with the healing power of God, takes on every challenge with a smile and a good word of hope.

Continued below video:


This time I am coming to Christ’s bride for help, for Steve. I need prayer warriors to start their circle of prayer for a good man. A man who was told today 3/3/2016 that he has 3 to 6 months without treatment, treatment that he has had way too many times. A treatment that he and the doctor know will not help this time without God stepping in, once again amen

I Come to you my brothers and sisters in Christ, asking for you to exercise the power of prayer, for Steven L Pierson 59, a father, a grandfather, a brother, a child of Christ, and my best friend.

Thank you all in advance for all the work in getting this prayer request out. May God bless you one and all, we love you in Christ, but Jesus loves you more amen
Pastor Kelly Hardway