#Breakingnews Nasrallah threatens ‘nuclear attack’ on Haifa ammonia tank

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, in a televised address from his bunker in Lebanon, on Tuesday evening appeared to have threatened to hit Haifa’s ammonia tank with a missile.”Hezbollah has a ‘nuclear bomb’ – Haifa has 15 tons of ammonia, and any Hezbollah missile attack will turn them into a nuclear bomb will that would cause the deaths of tens of thousands,” he declared.”Israel is concerned that in the next confrontation with Hezbollah, we will bomb the gas facilities in Haifa,” Nasrallah further claimed, before adding that there are Israeli experts who say that “a missile hitting the ammonia tank would be like a nuclear bomb.”

Source: Nasrallah threatens on Haifa ammonia tank – Inside Israel – News – Arutz Sheva