‘Arabic’ flag mysteriously appears on #Texas building

The mayor of Lubbock, Texas, has ordered the removal of a black flag that mysteriously appeared on a multi-story office building in the city Monday.Mayor Glen Robertson asked City Manager James Loomis to have the flag removed from the building and to take stock of the security there. He has ordered FBI and Homeland Security officials to be notified of the flag, which carried a message of love scrawled in Arabic writing.The words – “alhab lljamie” – according to an Arabic-speaking source, translate to “love all.”The flag was cut down shortly after noon Monday.

Source: ‘Arabic’ flag mysteriously appears on Texas building

One thought on “‘Arabic’ flag mysteriously appears on #Texas building

  1. I’m doing a pre-release review of “Answering Jihad” by Ex-Muslim Nabeel Qureshi.
    Islam is ultimately what the Quran says. Virtually all Muslims must acknowledge that. The problem is that Islam is both good verses and bad verses and Muslims select what they want Islam to be and overlook the conflicting truth claims. This is because Muhammad was both extremes. Loving in Medina until he was persecuted. Then 86 raids, some provoked and some unprovoked, while in Mecca over his last nine years of his 23 total years as Islam’s founder.
    Is Islam a religion of peace or a religion of violence? Sadly, it is both. And that is why Muslims are fleeing Muslims and seeking refuge from predominantly Christian countries.


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