Why #Obama Won’t Call #ISIS’ Slaughtering of #Christians ‘Genocide’

White House spokesman Josh Earnest faces reporters during a media briefing at the White House in Washington October 30, 2015. Earnest announced administration plans for the U.S. to deploy a small number of special operations forces in an advisory role to Syria.White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest admitted Thursday that the Obama administration’s hesitation to label the Islamic State’s persecution of Christians and other religious minorities as “genocide” is because of the legal ramifications behind such a designation.As hundreds of thousands of Christians, Yazidis and other religious minorities have been forced out of their homes in Iraq and Syria or have been slaughtered for their faith during IS’ rise to power, human rights and religious freedom advocates have been calling on the Obama administration for several months to label the situation as a “genocide” — arguing that the terminology has an impact in the manner on how urgently the global community responds to end the crisis.

Source: White House Details Why Obama Won’t Call ISIS’ Slaughtering of Christians ‘Genocide’