New CBS show ‘Angel From Hell’ mocks Christianity

CBS’ new show “Angel from Hell” starring Jane Lynch tells the story of a “not so good” guardian angel, and has some concerned moms arguing the show portrays Christianity “in a negative light.”The group One Million Moms has issued a call for a boycott, saying there are scenes in the show in which an angel hides alcohol in children’s clothes, drinks out of a flask, and uses provocative language. ADVERTISEMENTThe show is yet “another attempt to distort the truth about people’s faith,” the group said, and they’re urging people wh oagree with them to contact the show’s sponsors about its “blasphemous content.”According to their website, the advertiser Sleep Number was listening, and has pulled their sponsorship and will not run any new ads during the program.

Source: Moms group: New CBS show ‘Angel From Hell’ mocks Christianity | Fox News