#Obama Has Cut Military To The Bone (Pray We’re Not Attacked) Army on ‘ragged edge’ of readiness


WASHINGTON — An increasing workload and continuously shrinking budgets have pushed the United States Army to “the ragged edge of readiness,” Army Secretary John McHugh said Monday. McHugh, speaking at the annual convention of the Association of the United States Army, called for Congress to work together to provide the Army — and the larger military — with budget clarity as it deals with contingency and humanitarian issues across the globe and prepares for the “unseen” problems it could face in the near future.While the Army is currently funded — with a budget of about $120 billion, down from a high of $144 billion — it and other federal organizations remain uncertain what will come at the end of a continuing resolution set to expire Dec. 11.Meanwhile, the U.S. Army has more than 150,000 soldiers deployed outside of the U.S., serving in dozens of missions including advising Afghan and Iraqi security forces, reassuring NATO allies in eastern Europe, and training alongside partners in South Korea and Japan.

Source: McHugh: Thinly-stretched Army on ‘ragged edge’ of readiness – U.S. – Stripes