Outrage as #Swastika Hung in Center of French City


The French city of Nice has sought to reassure visitors who were shocked to discover a massive Nazi flag flying prominently on a local government building.The flag had been placed on the Palais de la Prefecture by a film crew recording a movie adaptation of the memoirs of French author Joseph Joffo.

The film, “A Bag of Marbles,” tells the story of two French youths struggling under Nazi occupation.But apparently no warning was given beforehand, and tourists reacted with horror at the sight.”It was terrifying, it sent shivers down my spine,” one visitor from Orleans, in northern France, told the Nice’s Jewish Matan newspaper. “People didn’t know whether it was a hoax, a movie, or a provocation.”

Source: Outrage as Swastika Hung in Center of French City – Europe – News – Arutz Sheva