#Obama Lacks Plan to Deter US #Jihadis 65-page Report Says



The United States has failed to stop more than 250 American Muslims from joining terrorist groups, according to a new report. Since 2011, those U.S. jihadists have been travelling overseas to fight with terror groups like ISIS. The 65-page congressional report says the Obama administration lacks a strategy to prevent Americans from traveling abroad to join groups like ISIS or to catch those who return to the United States with plans to commit terror attacks — or even to stop their recruitment in the first place.

The study says of the hundreds of Americans who have sought to travel to the conflict zones in Syria and Iraq, authorities have blocked only a fraction of them. To make matters worse, several dozen potential terrorists have managed to make it back into the United States.

Source: Report: White House Lacks Plan to Deter US Jihadis – US – CBN News – Christian News 24-7 – CBN.com