Neo-Nazi #hate group sends Himmler’s homosexuality(#LGBT) speech to Estonian MP’s

Two wrongs does not make a right, these “groups” hate everyone who does not agree with them. I have a hard time fathoming that this type of hate still exists in the world today.

Members of the Estonian parliament received parcels containing an edition of a speech on homosexuality delivered by Heinrich Himmler. The booklets were distributed by a neo-Nazi group, with Tallinn set to recognize same-sex unions in several months.On Wednesday, the book with Himmler’s speech about homosexuality was delivered to the mailboxes of Estonian parliament (Riigikogu) members along with a pen with ‘’ written on it, Delfi news website reports. is the website of a Neo-Nazi group MTU La Colonia.

Source: Neo-Nazi group sends Himmler’s homosexuality speech to Estonian MPs — RT News