‘I Always Expect to Win’ #DonaldTrump  Told CBN

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SIMI VALLEY, Calif. — The second Republican presidential debate is taking place tonight at the Ronald Reagan Library.Once again frontrunner Donald Trump will take center stage, prepared for a fight.CBN’s David Brody talked one-on-one with Trump in California as he was gearing up for the face-off.It’s probably appropriate that CBN News joined Trump for a ride in California at his golf course as it seems the rest of the country has been along for Trump’s wild ride, too.Get more inside scoop on Trump from Beltway Buzz here.His rise to the top has been part showman, part politician, and a whole lot of boldness.”Did you really expect Trump mania, if you will, The Trump Show if you will? Did you really expect this to be what it is today?” Brody asked Trump.”Well you know I always expect to win,” Trump said. “I want to win and I’ve always had a nice habit of winning. But, frankly I never thought I’d be going and surging so far ahead of everybody. I never thought that it would happen this quickly.”

Source: Donald Trump to CBN: ‘I Always Expect to Win’ – Politics – CBN News – Christian News 24-7 – CBN.com