Government plans regulation of faith leaders in the UK #NWO


Proposed legislation leaked to the media outlines how the United Kingdom government plans to oversee religious leaders and their messages.“If the reports are accurate, what the government is proposing turns the clock back on religious freedom more than 300 years,” said Ciaran Kelly, a spokesman for the Christian Institute.“Not since the days of the notorious Test and Corporation Acts have we seen such a concerted attempt by a British government to restrict religious practice,” Kelly said in an institute report Tuesday. “We don’t want to go back to those darker days of religious intolerance.”It was the London Telegraph’s Andrew Gilligan who obtained a copy of the plan.“Imams, priests, rabbis and other religious figures will have to enroll in a ‘national register of faith leaders’ and be subject to government-specified training and security checks in the Home Office’s latest action on extremism,” he reported.

Source: Government plans regulation of faith leaders