#TeaParty #Patriots Back ‘A Call To Action’ to End the Iran Deal

Breitbart News Executive Chairman and co-host of Sundays’s show, Stephen K. Bannon, told Martin that the huge gathering “rattled Speaker of the House Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)35%and house leadership a lot. And it brought some big changes.” Friday the House voted to disapprove the agreement. Martin told Breitbart listeners “those ten thousand people were doing every thing they could to let congress know that they do not want the Iran nuke deal to go into effect. And we want Republicans to do everything they can to stop it.”Martin explained that congress hasn’t been given all the information about the Iran deal from the Obama administration. Congress has not received the side deal information with the International Atomic Energy Agency which was “required in this convoluted corporate pardon approval process.”

Source: Tea Party Patriots Back ‘A Call To Action’ to End the Iran Deal