#KimDavis judge blasted for order expansion that “includes ‘entire world’”

We, at Hardway Mt. Ministry, do not, by any means, believe that the United States is the “entire world”. We believe that each country should make their own laws without interference from any other country or organization.

We do, however, fully support Kim Davis in her endeavours. and her stance on keeping the faith and following God’s law.


Lawyers for Rowan County, Kentucky, Clerk Kim Davis are asking a district judge to halt the expansion of his marriage-license order to “the entire world.”Liberty Counsel said Friday that Judge David Bunning’s order to Davis to issue marriage licenses, including to same-sex couples in violation of her Christian faith, cannot, without proper notice and briefing, be expanded to cover the entire world.

”Bunning ordered Davis to jail last week for contempt of court then released her six days later after her deputies complied and issued licenses without Davis’ name on them.Mat Staver, founder of Liberty Counsel, said Bunning’s original order is now moot, because the four same-sex couples who brought the case have received the licenses they sought.Liberty filed a motion for an emergency stay with the 6th Circuit because Bunning, who previously has ruled in favor of partial birth abortion and homosexual clubs for high schoolers, “without notice, expanded the injunction against Kim Davis while it was already on appeal.”

Source: Kim Davis judge blasted for order covering ‘entire world’