The Traveling Wall 9-11-2015 Tribute to a cousin


Today, started out cool, and foggy just like it was 14 years ago. Pastor Kelly and I had some business to take care of so we ventured out early to get it done. Needless to say, we got home later than we expected. By God’s grace, we met others who were in remembrance and we fellowshipped with them,as well.

This first person we met was a gentleman by the name of Rev. Jerry Smales, he works at a homeless shelter for Vets. They provide food, shelter, and other needs that the Vets may require.  His ministry is Local Homeless Veteran Outreach. Please visit their facebook page for more information at

The second person we met was Lisa  Hall, she was assisting people at the Traveling Wall. She is the board of Directors of Tourism for South Charleston.



While we were there Pastor Kelly took a video of the gorgeous day we had to celebrate people that I would never meet. My father always told me stories about his cousin Tommy Jester,and his friends Clifford “PeeWee” Haynes and a few others (sadly, I have forgotten their names) that fought and died in Vietnam.

14 years ago, we lost people that we never met We felt it was appropriate to remember others that we never met, our Vets from wars like Vietnam  back and forward to present. We only have one thing to say:



I want to personally thank you for watching our video, it means the world to me and my family. God Bless you one and all.