#SharylAttkisson returns to TV news with a look at 9/11 classified report #NWO #ISIS #FalseFlag


In a preview of her new Sunday morning news broadcast, five-time Emmy winner and former CBS anchor Sharyl Attkisson will delve into the top-secret pages of Congress’ intelligence report on the 9/11 terrorist attacks, which are still kept under wraps 14 years later.In the report, Ms. Attkisson speaks with current and former lawmakers and family members of victims of the 9/11 attacks to uncover why the documents, known as the “28 pages” are still undisclosed.No ordinary American can read the highly classified section of the report, and members of Congress, sworn to secrecy, are only allowed to read the pages under strict supervision.“We spoke to people off- and on-camera who went as far as they could giving hints and information to me about what’s in them,” Ms. Attkisson told The Washington Times.Rep. Steven Lynch, Massachusetts Democrat, told Ms. Attkisson the report gives names and identities of individuals who were “complicit” in the terrorist attacks.“They are clearly identified. How people were financed, where they were housed, where the money was coming from, the conduits that were used and the connections between some of these individuals,” Mr. Lynch said in the interview.

Source: Sharyl Attkisson returns to TV news with a look at 9/11 classified report – Washington Times