#ISIS says Norwegian, Chinese hostages ‘for sale’ – #OpISIS it’s the only choice!

(CNN)Two men stand in yellow jumpsuits, staring toward the camera with a chilling message posted below their portraits: “FOR SALE.”The images, tucked away in the final pages of the latest edition of the ISIS online magazine Dabiq, are part of a troubling new claim: The terrorist group says it’s holding two more foreign nationals hostage.One page reads “Norwegian Prisoner For Sale.”

The next says “Chinese Prisoner For Sale.”The pages show images of the men from several angles and ask for an undisclosed ransom to pay for their “release and transfer.” The men appear to be wearing tags with their names and identification number. The magazine also lists each man’s purported occupation, place of birth, date of birth and home address.

Source: ISIS says Norwegian, Chinese hostages ‘for sale’ – CNN.com