“Powder keg! Texas community leader says: “Attack anti-cop activists” #allLivesMatter

The racial powder keg is so dangerous in East Texas that a local community leader is threatening to attack black activists who protest law enforcement personnel.“You’d better run and you’d better hide, because we’re looking at videos, we’re looking, pulling names and addresses and we’re going to hunt you sons of [expletive] down,” said Nathan Ener in a video posted briefly online, the Houston Chronicle reported Thursday.The violent rhetoric came less than one week after Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Darren Goforth, 47, was executed while filling up his vehicle at a gas station. Prosecutors say suspect Shannon Miles, 30, shot the officer 15 times on Aug. 28. He plans to plead not guilty to capital murder.Ener, who worked for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice until 1999, made similar statements in 2014. His critics call him a white supremacist.

Source: Powder keg! Texas community leader: Attack anti-cop activists