#Transgender #Catholics Cannot Be Godparents, #Vatican Says

The Vatican has refused permission for a transgender Catholic to act as a godparent, saying that “moral” issues made it “impossible to allow” a transgender person to serve in such a role, according to media reports on Friday.The ruling is the ultimate response from the Church to a request from Alex Salinas, a Spanish man who was asked to serve as godfather to his nephew.


Salinas was born a woman, but has undergone hormone therapy, and is awaiting gender surgery. He is identified as male in his native Spain.Salinas’ request to act as a godparent was rejected by his local Catholic bishop, Rafael Zornoza Boy of Cadiz and Ceuta. He was prompted to seek a ruling from the Vatican’s doctrinal council on the issue, after it became the focus of media attention.

Source: Transgender Catholics Cannot Be Godparents, Vatican Says