Guess who the Voters blame for the ‘#waronpolice’ #WakeUpAmerica

In our humble opinion, the blame for all this including Obama, is the “voter”, they/we voted him in the second time.

Doing so while knowing the turmoil he had promised to create; by his own words and policies.

So if there is blame to be placed we should look a little closer to home, and stand up for good change this time!

Not artificial change that fizzles out in a year or two.

Think about it, enough said for now.. God bless one and all

Only days after WND reported Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke accused the Obama administration of leading a “war” against police, a new poll shows a majority of voters essentially agree.Wednesday’s poll by Rasmussen Reports showed nearly six of 10 voters (58 percent) believe there is such a war, and 60 percent “believe comments critical of the police by some politicians make it more dangerous for police officers to do their jobs.”Clarke made his comments after the ambush and shooting death of a Houston officer at a gas station.


Source: Voters place blame in ‘war on police’