Sweden Joining #NATO? Neutral no more? #NWO is at it again!


Sweden’s Centre Party now favors the Scandinavian country joining NATO, it said for the first time Tuesday, according to a report in the Local, an English language website based in Sweden. The party, which has 22 seats in Stockholm’s Riksdag parliament, is part of a four-party government opposition group that has traditionally leaned against becoming a part of NATO.But now three of those four political parties have apparently had a change of heart and are in favor of joining the 28-country alliance.While the current Social Democrat-Green coalition government is still against joining, it currently has a minority government that relies on opposition votes to pass bills in parliament, meaning that its role in government is always at risk. A change in government between now and the next election in 2018 could result in the country joining NATO.

Source: Sweden Joining NATO? Centre Party Now In Favor Of Becoming Part Of International Alliance